Project: Take 2

Take Two: Conversations with Second Generation Stars
Hosted by Steve March Torme’ / (stevemarchtorme.com)
Producer: ChAmJo Entertainment/Created and Written by Nick Miranda
WGAW Registration #1452273 *** Creator’s Vault Registration #CV4320
Registered: US Copyright Office


The Logline
An intimate look inside the loves, lives, homes, studios, and offices of some of Hollywood’s most famous and iconic celebrities and stars as seen through the eyes of their sons, daughters, and family members. Also, what it was like living in a fish bowl, and in the shadow of universal household names while attempting to make their own mark, without being to their parents.

The Treatment
A totally spontaneous, “round-table” discussion (cross between William Shatner’s Raw Nerve and Jon Favreau’s, Dinner for Five) hosted by Steve March Torme’, son of legendary jazz icon, Mel Torme’. Steve will invite some of his Beverly Hills and Hollywood childhood friends, new friends, and other second generation performers; actors, singers, and athletes for an impromptu discussion running the gamut of human emotions.

The format features Steve in a one-on-one conversation in a living room setting using B roll to introduce the show and guests. Several shows could be taped in one shooting day, helping reduce production costs.

Steve will lead with a variety of questions discussing the advantages and disadvantages of being second generation performers; how it has helped or hurt them. Part of the intent will be to give viewers a front row, living room arm chair peek inside “the fish bowl” created by their famous parents; sharing little unknown tidbits about those famous people we have invited into our homes for generations. We will have an opportunity to develop a closer personal relationship with these artists as a result of viewing them through the eyes of their children. They will reveal how being “Take 2,” has affected their own professional careers.

Steve is very witty, knowledgeable, and quick on the uptake. He radiates warmth and charm and is very articulate and comfortable in a discussion format, having  been interviewed hundreds of times himself. He will easily draw information and facts his friends/guests they may not knowingly surrender, but feeling “cathartic” for it afterwards. In his concerts Steve often conducts a Q & A session.

Steve is one of the original Beverly Hills crowd known as “The Brat Pack” and counts as lifelong friends (also original Pack members), some of the sons and daughters of Hollywood’s elite pioneers. These friends include; Liza Minnelli (for whom he produced “Tropical Nights” for Columbia Records), Desi Arnaz, Jr. (friends from age ten), Lucie Arnaz, Carrie Fisher, Miguel Ferrer, Debbie Boone, and scores of others. Here is just a partial list of potential guests to be invited to appear with Steve, there are many more:

Desi Arnaz, Jr                         Lucie Arnaz,                           Liza Minelli                 

Carrie Fisher                          Kate Hudson                           Jeff Bridges                 

Melanie Griffin                      Ron Howard                           Drew Barrymoore

Tatum O’Neal                        Ben Stiller                               Mackenzie Phillips

George Clooney                     Nicolas Cage                          Jamie Lee Curtis

Mickey Rooney Jr.                 Gwyneth Paltrow                   Cal Ripken, Jr              

Michael Douglas, Jr               Wynonna Judd                       Laura Dern         

Ken Griffey, Jr,                      David Nelson                         Natalie Cole (Great Nat/Mel story)           
Kiefer Sutherland                   Michael Lembeck                  Ken Griffy, Jr

Debbie Boone                        Matthew Broderick                Alan Alda

Jamie Lee Curtis                    Hank Williams, Jr                  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr

Sean Cassidy                          Traci Nelson                           Ricci Martin

Beau Bridges                          Robbie Knievel                      Ed Begley, Jr

David DeLuise                       Michael DeLuise                    Peter DeLuise


There are hundreds of athletes, artists, performers, politicians, and public figures also available.

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